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Combat Common Allergy Causes with Air Conditioning

It’s officially spring! And we all know what that means: allergies! Warmer weather means pollen is released into the air and rainfall can create more opportunities for mold to grow. Vigorous spring cleaning releases dust mites into the air. If these common allergy causes are a problem in your household, Atlantic Bay Contracting can help. If you have a central air conditioning system, it can go a long way to preventing seasonal allergy symptoms.

Here’s how your AC helps with your allergies.

Keep that air dry.

We all know that mold grows in damp places. Humidity control from your air conditioning helps prevent the conditions that allow mold to grow. Central air conditioners cool your house by removing heat and moisture from the air and cycling the cool, dry air back inside. If moisture doesn’t build up in your house, there are no places for mold spores to settle and start to grow. Sometimes the damage is already done. Functional air conditioning can prevent mold from growing, but it can’t get rid of mold that is already there. Mold remediation is the solution to an existing mold problem.

Dry air also helps keep dust mites at bay. Dust mites thrive in humidity because they absorb water from the air. Air conditioning helps prevent and control dust mites because they cannot survive in humidity levels below 50%.

Trap those particles.

The second element of air conditioning is air filtration. As the AC system cycles the warm, damp air out and the cool, dry air in, it catches the particles in the filters. While keeping the humidity low reduces dust mites and mold, air filters keep the pollen out of your house. Pollen does have water-soluble proteins, but it floats more freely in dry air. Humidity outside may be great for pollen allergies, but you don’t want to keep your house humid just to control pollen.

If you notice that your pollen allergies are flaring up indoors, that’s a sign you need to change your air filters. If your allergies persist after changing the filters, you may need to clean your air ducts. Air duct cleaning can rid your home of more allergy causes than just pollen. Mold can grow in damp spots and cause serious health problems beyond allergies.

Clear Allergy Causes with Atlantic Bay

If your allergies are caused by mold, dust mites, or pollen and your AC can’t keep up, contact Atlantic Bay Contracting. Whether you have a residential or commercial system, our trained and certified technicians can get it back in action and get rid of the allergy causes plaguing your home or business.

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