Where You’re Likely to Find Asbestos

On many popular HGTV renovation shows, homeowners and hosts face a variety of problems when they begin opening walls. Many face these same problems across the country, and might even need asbestos removal in their Massachusetts home. Because this mineral was used up until the late 1980s, there are more homes in this country that have asbestos than we realize. If you’re concerned you have asbestos in your home, Atlantic Bay wants you to check some of the common areas it can be found.


The “popcorn ceiling” you often see in homes could contain asbestos. This texture, along with different kinds of ceiling/wall tiles and paints were known to have this mineral. These can be found in a variety of places, including your garage.


It’s no surprise that because asbestos was known for being heat resistant and act as a strengthening agent, that it was added to exterior products like siding and stucco. This is often found in homes that were created before the 1980s.


If you find that your home has vermiculite insulation, a pebble-like product, there is a chance it was contaminated by asbestos. Between the 1920s and 1980s, it can be commonly found in homes. The EPA states that you should not disturb the insulation alone and call professionals.

Pipe/boiler/water heater insulation

Asbestos heat resistance was used to help utilities in the home, as well. Until the late 70s, asbestos was used as an insulation for items like steam pipes, vents, heating ducts/HVAC, indoor and outdoor boilers, and water heaters.

If you find that you need asbestos removal near Boston, put down your tools and call Atlantic Bay Contracting. Our team has been professionally removing asbestos and mold from homes for over 25 years. Rest easy knowing you hired the right team for the job. With more questions, please contact Allen Young today by calling (617) 782-4986.