What’s Involved with Boston Mold Remediation?

If your home or business requires Boston mold remediation, there may be several questions swirling around. Often unexpected, mold remediation services can be disruptive and stressful without the proper preparations and experienced staff to help. At Atlantic Bay Contracting, our team has decades of industry experience to ensure smooth, uninterrupted, and effective remediation.

In this article, we’re providing you with an inside look at what you can expect and how to know if it’s time to call in our team of experts.


When Boston mold remediation may be needed

Wherever there is water, prompt attention is required. If the water entry is somewhere accessible, cleaning and drying the area thoroughly can often bypass the need for further action. However, if the water is entering your home or business through a hard to reach location, like in the walls, mold remediation services may be in order.


The inspection

As with any interior job, the journey begins with an inspection. To expedite the process, be sure to clear a path to and from all sides of the suspected area. This will allow your trained professionals to quickly and accurately assess the situation and find any other potentially troublesome areas.

When possible and if needed, mold testing can then occur to determine whether you’re dealing with toxic or non-toxic substances.


The first stages

Regardless of the toxicity, your workers will be suited up head to toe with respirators and goggles upon arrival. Making sure the area is accessible, any building materials that need removal will be handled and disposed of. Workers will then spray the area with an EPA-approved biocide. The biocide is allowed to sit and go to work.

Once the specified time has passed, your professionals will then return to spray an encapsulant to enclose any remaining mold spores. However, a larger area is covered during this phase to eliminate any possibility of further growth.


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Cleaning and disinfecting

Now that your home or business is mold-free, cleanup will begin. From flooring to the air, every last detail of the area will be attended to with the utmost precision, leaving no traces of mold behind. Often, a HEPA air scrubber and vacuums are brought in to purify the air and remove any last traces of mold spores.

Cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing after all contaminated materials have been removed allow you to return to a safe environment.


Post-remediation inspection

Once the process is complete, it’s an excellent practice to schedule a post-remediation inspection. This inspection ensures the process was performed correctly and the situation is at bay.


If you’re in need of Boston mold remediation services, contact the only team in the area with decades of trusted experience, Atlantic Bay Contracting. For more information, or to schedule your inspection, contact us today at (617) 987-4977.



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