What’s the Best Way to Clean Air Ducts?

Fall is here, and we’re starting to experience those first chilly mornings and evenings. Even though we all want to hang onto the warmer weather, many of us have already gotten into the habit of closing our windows for the season and locking in the air that exists in our homes. Winter is fast approaching, and it’s time to prepare for it!

Air duct cleaning and scrubbing is one of the best ways to combat common allergy causes because you are eliminating the dust, pet and rodent dander, mold spores, pollen, and other organisms that live in them and are circulated throughout your home. Many people notice an immediate improvement in their home’s air quality with proper duct cleaning, and there is only one correct way to complete this kind of service

Invest in professional services

The team at Atlantic Bay Contracting chats with customers all the time who are contemplating what professional air duct cleaners can provide their business or home, and we believe it’s the only way to clean them. DIY attempts don’t clean as comprehensively as the machines designed for this specific job. The professionals trained know the ins and outs of these systems, where they need to focus, and the steps they need to take to ensure a healthier home or business for all.

Also, air duct cleaning can vary depending on the business you work with. Companies that offer cleaning with only a vacuum do not provide the same level of clean as duct scrubbing because they just suck out the loose debris in your system. It’s essential to work with a business lie Atlantic Bay Contracting who is partnered with products like Rotobrush®, a system that scrubs the inside of your ducts clean and pulls out the debris with vacuum power.

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