What To Do After A Disaster

When there is a fire or a flood in your home, your first priority is protecting your family and any irreplaceable items. However, after the panic has settled down and you’ve got everything back in order, you still need to deal with a ruined home. What’s the best way to clean your home after a fire or a flood and make sure there are no long-term problems?


  • Contact a professional duct cleaning service to ensure your HVAC system is free of any soot or ash, and it has no damage.
  • Replace damaged walls and flooring.
  • Test your home for asbestos that may have been brought into the open. Contact a professional abatement service to make sure your home is safe to enter if there is any asbestos present.
  • Wash all furniture that came into contact with soot or ash.
  • Wash all unharmed walls and flooring. Dry completely to avoid mold growth.


  • Contact a duct cleaning service to ensure your HVAC system is not damaged.
  • Clean ducts to remove any dirt that was pushed inside.
  • Replace any ruined filters in your HVAC system.
  • Dry flooring and walls completely. Some areas may need to be replaced.
  • Disinfect all items in the house.
  • Contact a professional mold abatement service to prevent the spread of mold.
  • Keep an eye out for mold, as it can appear months later.

If your home is faced with a fire or a flood, it can seem like the end of your world. Atlantic Bay Contracting will be available to help you through this trying time and make sure your home is restored to a safe place for your family. We can handle duct cleaning as well as asbestos and mold abatement. Call Atlantic Bay Contracting today to make sure your home is safe after a disaster.