What is Actually in Your Air Ducts?

Atlantic Bay Contracting has been the go-to air duct cleaners for many locals, and they are often shocked at how much is trapped in their systems. When people describe dust, they might not necessarily know what it encompasses. The dust we pull out of their systems has quite a bit included in the mixture, and we’€™ll tell you a few of the elements you will find in that simple €œdust€.


Dine dirt is bound to be in our air systems, especially when we have an active house. Whether it is from our pets, our shoes, or from having our windows open, dirt will make its way into our homes no matter how much we clean.

Animal hair and dander

If you have a household filled with animals, you are familiar with vacuuming your home at least a few times a week. Like humans, animals shed their hair and dead skin. Though we attempt to keep up with this maintenance, it can easily be sucked into the air system.


These microscopic, living single-cell organisms can be classified as bacteria, funguses, or viruses. Microorganisms, given the right circumstances, can form spores. Spores, specifically mold spores, can lead to a plethora of medical problems and health concerns.


In New England, we face all four seasons at full force. With the changing seasons, we also deal with the pollen that comes with it. No matter if we keep our windows open or closed, pollen can find its way into our air systems and make our seasonal allergies worse. 

Rodent feces, hair, dander

No matter if you own a 200-year-old home or just bought a newly constructed condo, mice and other rodents find their way in. These animals are often searching for shelter, especially during the winter months, and often will travel through our vents. With this traveling, they will leave behind gifts for us, many of which are bad for our health.

Next time you’€™re questioning if you need AC duct cleaning, Atlantic Bay Contracting wants you to give us a call. Our cleaning and scrubbing services do more than just vacuum. Using the patented Rotobrush® system, we clean your air ducts better than any other company around.

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