Springtime Allergy Causes

This is the time of year in New England where allergies kick in for many individuals.  Although tree pollen and other environmental factors are the biggest culprits of allergy causes, there are several other contributors. One of the biggest, and most overlooked, reason for allergies comes from within your home.  At Atlantic Bay Contracting, we ensure a better quality of life for your residential, commercial, and institutional property for years to come.  However, there are a few things you can easily incorporate into your daily routine to help keep allergies at bay.


Close Your Windows

One of the easiest and hardest ways to keep outdoor elements away is by closing your windows.  However, here in New England we anxiously await the moment we can open our windows.  Long winter months have many feeling cooped up and in need of fresh air.  Thus, when pollen season kicks in, we suffer not only outdoors but indoors as well.  The best solution revolves around timing and knowledge.  Allergies are triggered by a numerous amount of factors.  Knowing which of those factors are a trigger to you will allow you to make the best choices.  If late spring tree pollen gets you going, consider closing the windows when the wind is high, or the air is thick. 

Wash Up When Coming In

Similarly, flocking to the outdoors for adventures and gatherings is one of the most popular New England spring and summer pastimes.  Proper preventative methods before going outdoors is an easy habit for many.  However, what we do after activities is something that is overlooked.  Just as important to pre-outdoors preventatives are the post-preventative methods.  Simple practices such as washing your hands, changing your clothing, or even a quick shower will help to keep foreign elements at bay.


In-Home Preventatives

Another excellent method to keep your home air as clean as possible is with the use of an air purifier.  However, the key to the most successful air purifiers is the incorporation of HEPA filters.  Helping to keep dust, mold, and pet dander to a minimum, air purifiers should be run consistently for optimal results.


Furthermore, one of the most helpful in home preventives comes from duct cleaning.  Because elements such as dust and pet dander settle in duct work, a complete scrubbing of the duct work can help keep your environment clean.  For more information on how air duct cleaning can help to eliminate allergy causes in your home and workplace, call Atlantic Bay Contracting at (617) 782-4986 or visit them online. For over 25 years, the experts at Atlantic Bay have been keeping Massachusetts healthy with air quality control services.