Look What We Found in a Customer’s Dryer Vent

We see a lot of incredible things as a team of professional air duct cleaners in MA and RI, and even 25 years later, there is no exception! Recently, we shared this video to our Facebook page which showed what we found in a dryer vent. It turns out these homeowners had no idea they had 11 gallons of water trapped in there caused by condensation!

Water might not exactly be what you were expecting, and that’s pretty common! We teach our customers that these surprising finds are common in our industry because there are so many components to duct work and how it is used in our homes.

Why does the water matter?

Standing water can cause a variety of problems for your home. To start, it can impact the efficiency of your dryer. If your machine is taking longer to dry your clothes, it could be because your vent is holding onto the moisture, which is making its way back in your dryer. This issue can ultimately result in higher energy costs.

In addition to this pesky energy problem, mold is one of the largest concerns. Dryer vents are already created to deal with higher humidity, but they are not designed to face gallons upon gallons of still water. Mold can have severe impacts on our respiratory health, including coughing, trouble breathing, and other similar reactions. Many times, these mold concerns present themselves as common allergies, making it difficult to identify the exact cause.

Fortunately, there are businesses out there like Atlantic Bay Contracting who are committed to improving the air quality in homes, which includes dryer vent, A/C duct cleaning and more. By investing in our routine maintenance, we will be able to help you identify problem areas in your home that could be causing health concerns and address the issues head on.

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