What to Know About Mold and the Winter

It’s that happy time of year again. The time between the sweltering heat of summer and the onslaught of winter weather. While fall mostly means trick-or-treating and raking leaves, it also means preparing your yard and home to survive the winter. Living in New England means the winters can be brutal and your home can suffer from excess moisture. Moisture can lead to mold growing in the crevices of your home. Keep reading to find about more about mold remediation and the winter.

Mold Restoration Massachusetts


The first thing to remember is why mold grows in the winter. Thanks to energy efficiency getter more and more evolved over the years, our homes become tightly sealed to trap in the warmth. As the air gets trapped inside, so does the moisture which raises the humidity levels indoors. This is also the time of year when the thermostat gets turned up, creating warmer air. Humidity plus warm air creates an environment where mold and mildew can thrive.


When checking your home for mold in the fall and winter, check every corner. Areas of homes with bends and corners are more likely to grow mold. Other favorite places for mold to thrive is the exterior of drywall and sheetrock. Corner rooms are more likely to develop mold than other rooms because of the larger area exposed to cold air. If you find mold in your home during the fall and winter, call for mold remediation.

What to Do?

There are certain measures you can take to prevent mold from growing in your home this winter. A simple trick for those with ceiling fans is to run them in reverse to switch up the air flow. Keeping your home clean is another step to preventing mold. Keep your sinks and dishes dry so no excess moisture sits, and clean your air ducts before the winter to keep the air clean. Dehumidifiers and keeping your air humidity at less than 60% is another smart move. However, if you do find mold, call the professionals.

Mold growth is something you should keep an eye on year round. Still, mold tends to grow quickly in the winter. For mold remediation this winter, contact Atlantic Bay Contracting at 617.782.4986 or visit them online.