How Do I Know I Have a Mold Problem?

Many homeowners have never dealt with mold remediation in MA or RI before, and many times it’s because they never knew they had a mold problem to begin with. It isn’t until it begins to impact their health that they realize they have been missing the warning signs that there might be contamination in their home. Atlantic Bay Contracting has worked with hundreds of homeowners to rid their homes of mold in the past, and we have a few of the marks of potential mold problems.

Physical mold

Because mold is common in damp or wet places, we often see it in bathrooms and basements and it is often easier to identify. Though those are likely areas, any places where you have an excess of moisture is likely to have this problem. If you are identifying mold on your walls, floors, etc., it could very well be in your walls, as well.


For the most part, mold has a particularly strange, unpleasant odor. Many associate it with a musty scent, similar to the musty smell you might find in a basement or shed that doesn’t receive great air circulation. If you find yourself identifying this scent in a particular area of your home, the mold might be hiding where you can’t see.

Changes in health

Much like other house contaminants, mold can quickly change the health of those living in its vicinity. If you find yourself suddenly feeling congested, suffering from watery eyes, and other symptoms often associated with allergies, mold might be present. If you find your health problems subside while not in your home, mold could be a possible cause.

If you believe you might have a mold problem in your home, look no further than Atlantic Bay Contracting. Our commitment to our customers and our mold remediation services in MA and RI are what has kept us open for over 25 years.

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