How We Know You Have Mice

At Atlantic Bay Contracting, we have offered our air duct scrubbing services to every kind of homeowner imaginable. Having worked on million dollar estates or a home that has been fully renovated, we have seen all kinds of air systems in every environment. With our 25 years of experience, our experts want all homeowners to know that no matter the year or condition of your home, you likely have mice house guests you weren’€™t aware of.

To begin, mice are stealthy creatures that enter homes in a variety of ways. By using utilizing the cracks and holes that can be found in your walls, floors, foundations, improperly sealed windows and doors, siding, outside utilities, and other areas of your home, they are easily able to slip in even when you think their point of entrance is too small. This can become a larger problem during the winter months when mice and other rodents are looking for a place to hunker down for the cold season. They often will make themselves comfortable in our air systems, and leave behind dander and other €œgifts€ for us that can impact our health.

Don’€™t believe us? We’€™ve worked with many customers who hadn’€™t realized their unwelcomed house guests until after we have completed our work. A few years ago, we had a customer who believe she was extremely allergic to cats and had spent thousands of dollars in doctor€™s visits looking for a suitable treatment option. She had inherited her late mothers cats and couldn’t bear to part with them. She decided to suffer through her allergies to the point where living in her home was almost unendurable.

It wasn’t until Atlantic Bay Contracting had come to her home and gave her air ducts a throughout cleaning and scrubbing with the patented Rotobrush® system that she found herself able to live in her home once again. What she later found out was she wasn’€™t allergic to the cats at all, but instead mouse dander the existed in her ducts. She is now able to live happily and peacefully with her mothers cats without the fear of having to find them a new home.

If you find yourself struggling with the air quality in your home, contact us at Atlantic Bay. Our air duct scrubbing services might be everything you need in order to help you live a healthier life. With more questions, contact Allen Young today by calling (617) 782-4986.