Common HVAC Airflow Issues

You’ve noticed some problems with your HVAC system and how it functions over the past few months, but it’s become even more apparent as the weather cools off and your home faces hot and cold spots. Having proper airflow in your home helps you live more comfortably and improves energy efficiency. Here are a few common complications that could impact your airflow:


We bet you’re thinking about the last time you changed your filters. Your filter’s job is to keep as much dust, pollen, and other debris out of your ductwork. When they become clogged, it can cause hot and cold spots or even cause damage to your equipment over time.

Blocked vents and registers

Fixing blocked vents and registers might be the most straightforward repair of them all. Always be sure furniture does not block your vents and registers. This blockage can compromise the way your air is circulated in your home or business and cause an unintended thermostat war.

Unclean coils

Coils exist to help release the warm air that your HVAC system has removed from your home or space. If these coils are not clean, they have to work harder to release the heat and in turn, might result in airflow issues.

Dirty ducts

Though many don’t want to believe it, there are plenty of microorganisms that make it past the filters in your home and become lodged in your air duct system. Air ducts filled with debris can create clogs and restrict the potential airflow around your home.

If you’ve been questioning if it’s time to clean your air ducts, these signs could be a great indicator and motivator to call a business like Atlantic Bay Contracting. Allen Young and his team strive to provide customers with happier and healthier homes through their many removal services, and air duct cleaning and scrubbing is one of them!

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