Asbestos Shuts Down Fire Station in Plymouth, MA

In late November, a fire station in Plymouth, MA, was permanently shut down due to asbestos contamination. After a recent wall sample was tested, asbestos was found in the plaster at the North Plymouth Fire Station on Spooner Street. It’s said that the asbestos was released due to neglected needed water damage repair to the chimney area.

The contaminated wall is an enclosure of a chimney. Due to age and weather conditions, the brick chimney began absorbing water which allowed the plaster to break down. Once it began to break down, the plaster released asbestos into the air. Currently, all active and prior employees are being contacted with information on testing.

Understanding asbestos

By now, we all know the word asbestos and that it can be dangerous. But how much do you really know? As experts in the industry, we want to take a moment to give you a brief overlook inside asbestos.

Although asbestos has been banned in many countries, some continue to use the material in construction. Regardless, there are still thousands of buildings in the United States that contain asbestos from before the ban was implemented. The material proved to be durable and resistant to fire, which made it one of the preferred construction materials.

If left alone, asbestos doesn’t pose an immediate threat. However, once it’s disturbed, like in the above instance, the fibers become airborne opening a variety of dangers. From tumors to mesothelioma, asbestos is not something to be taken lightly.

Further effects of water damage

Although we’ve seen one instance of the impact that water damage may cause, there are others. One of the most common and most significant concerns of water damage within the home is mold growth. Like asbestos, mold in the home can lead to a significant amount of health concerns for you and your family. From minor issues such as nasal stuffiness to more substantial concerns like asthma or mycosis.

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