3 Reasons to Get Rid of Asbestos

The connections medical studies have made between asbestos and health problems are vast, and what many do not realize is that they might be living in a home with asbestos. It’s not uncommon for people to want to ignore these existing problems once they are brought to their attention, but Atlantic Bay Contracting can think of 3 reasons you should invest in asbestos abatement in MA, RI, and across New England.

Lung cancer

Asbestos is classified as a substance that causes cancer (known as a human carcinogen). Study after study has connected exposure to asbestos to the increased risk of lung cancer. Asbestos exposure has also been associated with cancers of the throat, kidney, esophagus, and gallbladder.


This rare and incurable cancer that forms on the thin, protective tissues in the lungs and abdomen. Though this asbestos-related cancer has dropped quite a bit in recent years, this cancer causes cellular damage in the lining and often leads to tumor growth.


Extended exposure to asbestos can cause this chronic lung disease. By causing lung tissue scarring and impact their ability to expand and contract. This often introduces a number of symptoms such as shortness of breath, dry coughing, tightness in the chest, clubbing of fingertips and toes, and loss of appetite/weight loss.

Often times, these problems are faced by individuals who work in manufacturing, mining, million, and removal processes of asbestos, but it can happen to anyone with extended exposure. If you or someone you love is in need of asbestos abatement in MA, RI, or the surround areas, please contact us at Atlantic Bay Contracting. Our professionals would love to work with you and provide you with better indoor air quality.

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