3 Places to Check for Mold

Mold remediation happens around Boston, Massachusetts every day, and often for different reasons. Every residential or commercial space has the ability to grow mold depending on their circumstances and other conditions. Though it can be difficult to recognize these problems before they begin happening, there is plenty to be done to prevent them from becoming too large to handle. Atlantic Bay Contracting has seen problem areas in homes time and time again, and we have a few places we believe you should routinely check for moisture and for warning signs of mold.


Even finished basements have the chance of developing mold, whether they have been flooded or not. Cement is a porous material, and depending on the preventative measures taken for moisture, your walls and wood framing could quickly fall victim to mold.

Around water appliances/utilities

Kitchen and bathroom sinks, refrigerators, dishwashers, AC units, and plumbing fixtures are often the areas you will find some of the most damage. Be sure to get behind these appliances, and to commit to a comprehensive examination. Many times, these damages are not found until they are past repair because they are difficult to get to.

In/around leaking windows

We can’t say enough about checking your windows, especially living in an area like New England. We are faced with hail, ice, snow, rain, sleet, and everything in between. With these moist conditions, broken or leaking windows can quickly impact the integrity of your walls, subfloor, structure, and more.

Whether you’re in need of mold testing or complete mold remediation services in Massachusetts, Atlantic Bay Contracting can help. Our comprehensive services mean fixing the potentially toxic mold accumulation in your home and giving you the benefits of better air quality.

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