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Mold Removal in Lynn, MA

Experienced Mold Remediation in Lynn

Have you been experiencing constant allergies, respiratory conditions, or other unexplained medical problems? Do you find yourself feeling a sense of discomfort when confronted with the sight of persistent black spots and musty odor? Having mold in your home risks your family's health and damages your property's structure and value.

Luckily, Atlantic Bay Contracting is a professional mold remediation company with the expertise to handle your problem. We have over 30 years of experience restoring peace to Lynn homeowners. We understand it's more than just the appearance and smell; it's about the risks, property damage, and constant worry. You can place your trust in our team to effectively restore a safe environment within your home.

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Risks of Mold Growth

The risks associated with mold growth extend beyond mere visual and olfactory concerns. Below are some risks associated with having a mold problem on your property.

  • Mold spores can trigger allergic reactions, respiratory issues, and even severe health conditions in individuals with weakened immune systems.

  • It can damage building materials, weaken foundations, and contribute to rot and decay. This compromises your property's integrity and reduces its value.

  • Mold growth signifies an underlying moisture issue. If ignored, it can lead to further damage, including water damage and the spread to new areas.

  • Mold growth can create a breeding ground for bacteria and pests.

  • Mold can produce mycotoxins, which are harmful substances that can cause toxic reactions in humans and animals.

These are some of the dangers that mold poses to property owners. Our team follows a strict procedure to remove contaminated materials effectively.


Mold Inspection Boston
Removal of all Affected Materials Mold
Mold Cleaning and Decontamination

Mold Inspection

Our professionals inspect the affected area to determine the extent of mold growth, find the source, and evaluate risks.

Infected Materials

Cross-contaminated materials, such as heavily contaminated drywall or carpeting, are carefully removed to prevent further spread.

Cleaning & Sanitizing

Surfaces and belongings undergo thorough cleaning and disinfection using specialized techniques and solutions to eliminate spores and prevent future growth.

Disposal of Mold Material
Application of Anti-Mold Product
Monitoring of the Affected Areas

Disposal of Affected Materials

Mold-infested materials removed are correctly disposed of following industry regulations to prevent cross-contamination.

Anti-Mold Solution Application

An anti-mold solution is applied to treated areas to prevent future growth and offer an extra layer of protection.

Final Mold Testing

After the remediation process, professionals conduct a final air quality test to ensure the mold has been removed.

Can You do your own Mold Removal?


We generally recommend hiring trained professionals for this task. Mold removal requires specialized knowledge, equipment, and expertise to ensure effective and safe remediation. Attempting mold removal without the necessary knowledge and precautions can lead to ineffective results, potential health hazards, and regrowth.

Is it Expensive to Get Rid of Mold?


Regular mold removal companies in Lynn charge a fixed amount for getting rid of mold despite the size of the project. At Atlantic Bay Contracting, we understand that everyone deserves accessible and quality removal services. That's why we customized each package to fit any budget size. Contact us today, and we will help you build a package that satisfies your needs and is within your budget.

Why Choose Atlantic Bay Contracting?


Our certified professionals use the latest equipment to deliver effective mold remediation services. With a focus on customer satisfaction, we prioritize open communication, prompt response, and transparency throughout the process. Our extensive years of experience make us the number one option to help you recover your property's safety. Besides, we offer 24-hour service, so you can rest assured that help is on the way whenever needed.

Contact us Today!


Don't let mold compromise your well-being and property's integrity. Atlantic Bay Contracting is here to help you. We are dedicated to restoring safety and comfort to homeowners.

Our team is ready to tackle even the toughest challenges. Call us today and get a consultation from our experts.

Mold Removal Companies
  • How do you clean up smoke damage from a fire?
    A professional fire damage restoration company should clean smoke damage. However, you can do some things on your end to help make the process easier and restore the initial state of your property. Open windows and doors and allow fresh air to circulate. Remove items that cannot be saved, such as burnt furniture and fabrics. Vacuum surfaces such as flooring to remove burnt particles. Use an odor-neutralizing product to remove smoke odors. Contact a professional company such as Atlantic Bay Contracting to help you.
  • Is there a way to fix water damage?
    Yes, there is a way to fix water damage. Depending on your case's seriousness, you might do some things on your end. If just a small area suffered damages, you can: Use vacuums or mops to remove standing water. Use dehumidifiers, fans, and heaters to dry out the affected area. Clean and sanitize surfaces and items affected Nonetheless, if the areas affected are too extensive, we highly recommend asking for help from a restoration company. Luckily, Atlantic Bay Contracting offers 24-hour service you can rely on upon!
  • Is anything salvageable after a fire?
    It will depend on how severe the fire was. Usually, some items can be restored. However, you should replace wholly or almost burnt items as they can drop soot particles that cause allergies or deteriorate other objects. Atlantic Bay Contracting's fire restoration services will tell you whether it's worth keeping and restoring or disposing of an object.
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