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Mold Remediation in Boston, MA

Professional Boston Mold Removal Company

Are you experiencing musty odors, allergic reactions, or seeing unsightly dark patches in your home? Then you have encountered a mold problem on your property. Mold looks unpleasant and can cause serious health problems, such as respiratory issues and even neurological damage. Spores released into the air can spread and contaminate other areas of your home, leading to further growth and potentially causing more damage.

It is essential to address this issue as soon as possible before your health is affected and damages to your property are costly or irreparable. Atlantic Bay Contracting is here to help! We offer efficient and professional mold removal and remediation services in Boston.

Our team has more than 30 years of experience helping home and business owners improve the air quality of their properties. You can be sure we will eliminate your problem once and for all!

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Risks of Mold Growth

Respiratory Problems and Allergies


Mold spores can trigger allergies and respiratory problems in you or your loved ones, such as asthma, skin and eye irritation, and runny nose.

Neurological Damage


Mold has been associated with various neurological symptoms, including headaches, dizziness, tremors, and memory loss.

Structural damage


Mold can weaken the structure of your home by damaging building materials such as wood, drywall, and insulation. This can compromise the safety of your home and lead to expensive repairs.

Decreased Property Value


If you're considering selling your property with a mold issue, think twice about it. A home with mold growth can be difficult to sell, raising red flags for potential buyers and decreasing the value.

Unpleasant Odors


Mold has a distinct musty smell that can be unpleasant and difficult to eliminate. The odor can permeate your furniture, clothes, and other belongings.


Mold Inspection Boston

Mold Testing &

We will start by completing an inspection of your home or business to identify the mold problem source and determine how we should proceed.

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Removal of
Affected Materials

Once we've found the source of mold production, we will remove all contaminated materials, including walls, insulation, carpets, furniture, and other items.

Mold Cleaning and Decontamination

Cleaning &

We will thoroughly clean all areas once contaminated material is removed to ensure no remaining spores are present.

Disposal of Mold Material
Application of Anti-Mold Product
Monitoring of the Affected Areas

Disposal of Affected Materials

Following state regulations, we will dispose of all affected material from your property.

Application of Anti-Mold Product

To create a mold-free space, we will applicate an anti-mold product to reduce the chances of regrowth.

Monitoring of the Affected Areas

We will closely monitor the affected areas to eliminate mold and improve air quality.

Can you do your own mold removal?


Technically, yes, you can attempt to do your own mold removal. However, it is not recommended, especially for larger infestations. Mold remediation can be a complex process; without the necessary knowledge and experience, you may be unable to remove all the spores altogether. Incomplete removal can lead to recurring growth, which can be more difficult and expensive to remove in the long run.

That's why we recommend hiring a professional mold remediation company with the experience and equipment needed for a successful job. We can help you identify the root cause of your problem and help you sanitize and sterilize the affected areas.

How likely is mold to come back after remediation?


The likelihood of mold returning after remediation depends on several factors, including the underlying cause of growth, the extent of the infestation, and the effectiveness of the remediation process. If the root cause of the mold growth is not correctly addressed or the remediation process is not thorough, some spores may likely have been missed and continue to grow and spread.

That's why it is essential that a professional company addresses the central problem and ensures that the affected area is adequately cleaned and dried. Additionally, regular inspections should be performed to prevent regrowth.

Need Mold Removal in Boston?


Don't let mold take over your home and compromise your health! If you need mold remediation in Boston, trust Atlantic Bay Contracting to handle the job. Our team has the expertise and equipment to sanitize your property from mold properly. We offer 24-hour service, so you can rest assured that you can get help anytime. Contact us today, and we'll walk you through our service packages.

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  • How do you clean up smoke damage from a fire?
    A professional fire damage restoration company should clean smoke damage. However, you can do some things on your end to help make the process easier and restore the initial state of your property. Open windows and doors and allow fresh air to circulate. Remove items that cannot be saved, such as burnt furniture and fabrics. Vacuum surfaces such as flooring to remove burnt particles. Use an odor-neutralizing product to remove smoke odors. Contact a professional company such as Atlantic Bay Contracting to help you.
  • Is there a way to fix water damage?
    Yes, there is a way to fix water damage. Depending on your case's seriousness, you might do some things on your end. If just a small area suffered damages, you can: Use vacuums or mops to remove standing water. Use dehumidifiers, fans, and heaters to dry out the affected area. Clean and sanitize surfaces and items affected Nonetheless, if the areas affected are too extensive, we highly recommend asking for help from a restoration company. Luckily, Atlantic Bay Contracting offers 24-hour service you can rely on upon!
  • Is anything salvageable after a fire?
    It will depend on how severe the fire was. Usually, some items can be restored. However, you should replace wholly or almost burnt items as they can drop soot particles that cause allergies or deteriorate other objects. Atlantic Bay Contracting's fire restoration services will tell you whether it's worth keeping and restoring or disposing of an object.
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