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Pest Control in Massachussets for Rodents

Mice Control in Lynn, MA

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Are unwanted rodents causing chaos in your home, scurrying, nibbling, and leaving destruction in their wake? These tiny intruders can turn a peaceful sanctuary into a nightmarish battleground, causing stress, health risks, and sleepless nights. Not only can they pose a danger to your family, but they can also cause costly property losses.

Atlantic Bay Contracting is here to rescue you from this relentless invasion. We have mastered the art of evicting these pesky creatures from homes. Our pest control services in Lynn have helped homeowners for over 30 years.

Trust that our team will be able to handle your pest problems and recover your peace of mind. We will safeguard your family and property from these pesky visitors.

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Dangers of Rodents

Despite their small size and seemingly cute appearance, rodents should not be underestimated. Mice can pose significant health, property, and overall well-being risks. Below we mention some of the dangers this type of pest can cause.

  • Rodents can cause extensive damage to property, including chewing through wiring, insulation, and structural components. This compromises the safety and integrity of your home and can lead to fire hazards.

  • Rodents are carriers of various diseases highly contagious to humans, such as hantavirus, leptospirosis, and salmonellosis.

  • Their urine, feces, and saliva can contaminate surfaces and food, spreading bacteria and pathogens.

  • Exposure to rodent contaminants can trigger allergies, respiratory issues, and other health problems.

  • Rodents reproduce rapidly, leading to exponential infestations if not addressed promptly.

Fortunately, Atlantic Bay Contracting understands the dangers associated with rodent infestations and is committed to providing effective solutions.


Our pest management team follows a strict process to effectively remove mice from your property without compromising your family's health.


Rodent Inspection Process


Rodent Baiting


Gaps Sealing and Cleaning

Rodent Inspection


Gaps Sealing and Cleaning

We thoroughly inspect your property to determine the extent of the infestation and locate rodent entry and nesting points.

We use specialized baiting techniques to attract and eliminate rodents. Our team strategically places baits in crucial areas to lure rodents, ensuring maximum efficacy. We carefully execute this process to minimize risks to humans and non-target animals.

We take proactive measures to prevent future pest issues by sealing gaps and potential entry points in your home or building. Additionally, we provide thorough cleaning services to remove rodent droppings, nesting materials, and other potential contaminants.


Disinfection of Areas where Rodents were Present


Rodents can leave behind a trail of bacteria, parasites, and other harmful pathogens that pose health risks. As part of our rodent control service, we offer professional disinfection procedures to sanitize affected areas. We restore the cleanliness and safety of your space.

What Time of Year is Best for an Exterminator?

Will Pest Control Get Rid of Mice for Good?

It is recommended to contact an exterminator promptly when signs of infestation are noticed, regardless of the time of year. However, during the winter, there is an increase in rodent activity as they seek food and warm indoor environments. We recommend performing an inspection during this time to ensure a rodent-free property.

Pest control treatments can significantly reduce the mouse population on your property, but mice can always return. To achieve long-term success in getting rid of mice, it is crucial to address the root causes of the infestation. This includes identifying and sealing potential entry points, removing food and water sources that attract mice, and maintaining a clean environment.

How much is Pest Control for Mice?

Unlike other pest control companies, Atlantic Bay Contracting understands that everyone deserves accessible, quality rodent control services. That's why each of our quotes is customized to fit the individual needs and budget of each client. Contact us today, and we'll build a special package that addresses all your problems.

Is Pest Control Worth the Price?

Definitely! Professional pest control can handle infestations, often surpassing the results of DIY methods. Investing in professional pest control can prevent costly property damage caused by rodents. It also helps mitigate health risks, promoting a safer and healthier living environment. By relying on experts, you save time, resources, and peace of mind knowing that trained professionals are handling the problem.

Why Choose Atlantic Bay Contracting as your Pest Control Company?


Our team has extensive years of experience helping Brookline property owners with their pest problems. We use the latest equipment in the industry to ensure complete and safe rodent control. We are committed to achieving customer satisfaction and won't rest until you and your family are free of those pesky rodents. Besides, we offer 24-hour and emergency services, so you can rest assured that you will get help anytime.

Contact Us Today!


Don't let rodents take control of your home! Contact Atlantic Bay Contracting and start your journey to a safer and healthier property. We have different service packages that adapt to any budget size. You can be sure that our team we'll be able to help you.


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